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Alliance Media in association with Sony Music present limited edition box sets of DVDs of fine animation films.

Alliance Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. in association with Sony Music is launching its premium quality and supremely renowned content films with titles from Japan’s Studio Ghibli: an animation studio revered the world over. These films have been created by respected master animator Hayao Miyazaki. The titles will be available in limited edition box sets of 3 and 7 DVDs. Also introducing, an acclaimed, animated film titled Azur & Asmar directed by French director Michel Ocelot.

About Studio Ghibli:

Studio Ghibli creates high quality animated movies. These unique films have not only consistently beaten Disney Animation movies in box office revenues but also received numerous awards and accolades. Miyazaki and Ghibli movies are respected and loved not only by children but also adults alike the world over.

These special limited edition box sets include Hayao Miyazaki’s acclaimed films such as NAUSICAA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND, LAPUTA: CASTLE IN THE SKY, MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO and PORCO ROSSO to name a few.

These titles which fall under the "world movies" genre is an Alliance Media initiative to bring 'smart cinema', rich in content value, to the Indian masses.

Alliance Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd is currently showcasing well-known international films by popular film makers which have been selected at esteemed international film festivals.

About AZUR & ASMAR directed by French director Michel Ocelot:

AZUR & ASMAR, a popular French animation film, selected at the Cannes Film festival, is a story about two young boys separated brutally in their youth. As years pass by the movie showcases Azur & Asmar’s journeys and beautifully describes their search of The Fairy of the Djinns. Directed by Michel Ocelot, this movie is a complete family entertainer and a must-watch.

These titles are, now, available in limited edition box sets at leading retails stores across India.