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Michel Ocelot
This film has been made by a French animator and filmmaker called Michel Ocelot and the animation is so beautiful that every frame is a work of art! Michel Ocelot's films are full of vivid colours and they look like they sparkle! The backgrounds are so intricate; each leaf on each tree is drawn in detail. Michel Ocelot has dedicated his entire career to animated cinema and to independent creation. All his productions, from the very start, have been based on his own scripts and artwork. He reached the general public with his first feature film in 1998, "Kirikou and the Sorceress". His latest film "Azur & Asmar", dealing with immigration and Muslim culture, is a successful fairy tale set in the Middle Ages. With his two "Kirikou" films, "Princes & Princesses" and "Azur & Asmar", Michel Ocelot has achieved over 6 million box office entries in France!