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Released Films THE WAITING ROOM Directors Note
Maneej Premnath
The most destructive element in the human mind is fear. It grows suspicion, aggressiveness and loses control of actions and thoughts in a person. WAITING ROOM explores one such story. As the title suggests film explores the life and sound of a small town railway station in south India, as the four characters in the film are waiting for the train. Everyone in life is waiting whether it's the train, bus or future. In this period how fear captivates each one's mind as their fear for losing anything valuable, like money, jewelry and the biggest valuable life runs in their mind. As in the present times how mass media is generating fear in the mind with daily dose of murders, cheatings and extortion, the common man is always living under fear as anything could happen the next moment. The present day man is always living in an insecure and suspicious environment. Waiting Room is all about fear, intrigue, suspicion and tense moment in which we live.