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Forthcoming Films Hierro Directors Note
Gabe Ibanez
Nothing is more terrifying than our own worst nightmares coming true. That's the starting point of Hierro, a chilling tale of psychological suspense that probes the unsettling questions of who we can trust and what we most fear.

Our intention was to create a ghost story without ghosts. The film is about those inner demons we carry around with us but cannot quite see. The question of how to approach a suspense story in an entirely new way while keeping the mystery and anxiety cranked up to maximum levels quickly arose. The project was a chance to explore the anatomy of fear and its darkest and deepest manifestations in the most realistic of ways. That was the mission talented director Gabe Ibanez and his inspired cast and crew set themselves.

In exploring fear as a primal human emotion, Hierro stresses the idea that the most chilling and startling horrors are generated in the human mind itself, where both our own personal demons and ancestral nightmares still lurk, rather than from events in the outside world.

Hierro marks the debut of acclaimed commercials director Gabe Ibanez, who also directed the multi-award winning short film "Maquina." Written by Javier Gullon, screenwriter of "El Rey de la Montana", Hierro brings together a solid cast headed up by Elena Anaya in a role which sees her push the depiction of mother's heart wrenching devotion to its very limits.